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Medical Cosmetology CenterThe Oxana Volkova Medical Cosmetology Center has three clinics in St. Petersburg, Russia. The first one was founded in 2000.

The center’s offerings bring together the latest innovations from the non-invasive beauty industry:

  • Injection methods
  • Medical cosmetology
  • Cosmetic procedures
  • Body cosmetology
  • Pediatric cosmetology

The equipment employed at the center includes several dozen apparatuses that use the latest techniques to effectively treat cosmetic problems without plastic surgery. All our equipment adheres to international standards, and we update our selection each year.

For example, i-Lipo, the safest and most effective body contouring system in the world, was presented to the International Congress on Anti-Ageing Medicine in Monaco only a few years ago.

Today, it is already successfully being used at the Oxana Volkova Center in St. Petersburg.


Among our other new state-of-the-art pieces of equipment is the Infini (Lutronic), an innovative machine-based skin rejuvenation method, which was created on the basis of radio frequency technology.

The center’s overarching principles are:

  • Do no harm
  • Newer does not always mean better
  • Quality, not quantity

The Oxana Volkova Center for Medical Cosmetology directs its efforts towards developing proven, safe medical treatments that provide not only aesthetic benefits, but also positive health effects.

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