Our Team

oxanavolkovaOur center’s staff is composed of qualified specialists in the field of cosmetology. We are a group of sought-after professionals who have worked in the beauty sphere for over 10 years and are always cultivating our craft. Our practice includes cosmetology practitioners, cosmetology aestheticians, body cosmetologists (masseuses), and specialty doctors.

The head of the center is dermatologist Oxana Volkova, who carries on her family’s legacy as a cosmetology physician (her father and grandfather were doctors, and her maternal aunt was in charge of a unit of the Beauty Institute in Moscow).

1991 – Volkova graduated from the Leningrad Pediatric Medical Institute with a degree in pediatric medicine.
1992 – medical internship in dermatovenerology.
At the Moscow Beauty Institute, she received specialty training in children’s cosmetology, moving next to the Juventa Multidisciplinary Medical Center in St. Petersburg, where she worked for 12 years.
2000 – the first Oxana Volkova Medical Cosmetology Center opened on Furshtatskaya Street.
2005 – Volkova successfully defended her PhD dissertation: ‘The specificities of providing cosmetic aid to teenagers’.
2008 – a second center opened on Syezzhinskaya Street on the Petrograd side of the city.
2011 – a third center was opened on Pisareva Street near the Mariinsky Theater.

Today, Dr. Oxana Volkova also teaches at the Saint Petersburg State Pediatric Medical University and at the Medical College of St. Petersburg State University.

Oxana Volkova approaches the selection of her doctors with the utmost seriousness and assumes responsibility to her clients not only for her own decisions, but also for all the decisions made by the specialists in her clinics, as well as for the clinic’s chosen methods and technologies.

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