Formax Plus from SharpLight

Formax PlusThe Formax Plus (SharpLight) cosmetology platform offers a range of different procedures. A seamless, integrated unit, Formax Plus allows for them to be carried out simultaneously on different parts of the body.

The machine can be used to perform the following treatments:
– Painless photoepilation
– Non-operative thermolift
– Photorejuvenation
– Pigment stain and vein removal

Three basic technologies lie at the heart of this method:
Formax Plus SharpLight
DPC/IPL: Unique pulsating energy with three possible flash configurations. Multiple nozzle types allow us to create the most advantageous conditions possible for photorejuvenation, epilation, pigment stain and enlarged vein removal, and rosacea and acne treatment.

IR – Comfortable infrared thermolift
Two different nozzles—one for the face and one for the body—are used in the IR procedure. Each one allows the operator to choose the appropriate light type (base or fractional) in order to stimulate the production of new collagen. The procedure is completely safe, as the infrared ray penetrates to a depth of only 3-4 mm. This method is especially recommended for lifting thinned skin on the face, the inner area of the shoulders, and the hips.

The machine is outfitted with sapphire crystal, which allows it to cool the upper layers of the epidermis down to -5°С, making the procedures nearly painless and preventing the reappearance of pigmentation.

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