infinifaceInfini – voluminous, multilayer lift, 3D effect

Infini (Lutronic, Korea/USA) – this is a unique method, unparalleled by any other product available on the market today. Its main goal is to rejuvenate the skin of the face and body and increase its elasticity. After the procedure, skin firmness improves significantly; scars, spider veins, and pigments stains are minimized, and pores contract.

MFR nozzle

The MFR nozzle brings together two technologies: fractional RF lift and microneedle therapy. The single-use nozzle handpiece contains 49 independent microneedles, each of which simultaneously perforates the skin and generates a high-frequency radio impulse, which is delivered through the gold-plated microneedle tips. The rest of the needle is coated in silicone, which prevents the epidermis and other layers of the skin from being exposed to the rays.

mrfThese actions send an urgent signal to the skin to activate growth factors and initiate restorative mechanisms. Since the needles are incredibly thin, their smooth administration makes the procedure quick and almost painless, and the single-use tips are completely safe. The epidermis is almost untouched, and the thousands of tiny punctures heal in only a few minutes.

Infini MFR is the gentlest, most physiologically sound method available for rejuvenating the skin—the recovery period following this procedure is very short.

The results offered by Infini MFR are comparable to those from laser treatments, but skin damage and pain levels are significantly lower, and there is no recovery period at all.

Infini SFR ablation nozzle

srfSurface fractional radio waves (SFR technology)
The SFR nozzle is a minimally traumatic rejuvenation technology based on the physical process known as ablation.


Ablation (Latin ablation – removal) is, in medicine, the destructurization of various areas of biological tissue. It can be considered an analog to surgical amputation.

The same principle operates in Infini’s SFR technology — if individual skin cells are damaged, neighboring cells will actively divide and multiply in order to fill in the gap, and as a result, new, healthy skin appears.

The surface of the Infini SFR applicator contains parallel rows of bipolar electrodes (each with a diameter of 200 microns). During the course of the procedure, the electrodes in the Infini SFR ablation nozzle are applied to the problem area, where they transmit a high-frequency impulse. As a result, microscopic areas of the epidermis and dermis are heated by thermal ablation at equidistant points on the skin. The surrounding tissues serve as the source and building material for the cells, providing a foundation for the restoration of old tissue and formation of new tissue.

infiniUnlike in laser procedures, the ‘microtunnels’, which remain intact after the application of the radio frequency, take the shape of a trapeze that faces in the direction of the dermis. This allows for minimal damage to the epidermis and maximal heating of the deeper layers of the skin, resulting in improvements in skin firmness and elasticity.

Major advantages of Infini SFR fractional radiofrequency rejuvenation:

  • gentler than other ablation technologies
  • shorter recovery period
  • lower chance of hyperpigmentation

What issues does Infini SFR treat?

  • chronoageing (natural genetic process)
  • photoageing (loss of elasticity because of external influences)
  • drooping of the soft tissues
  • ptosis (sagging of the skin)
  • enlarged pores
  • hyperpigmentation
  • drooping eyelids
  • various kinds of scars
  • acne and postacne

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