Couperosis and Rosacea


couperosisCouperosis covers a wide range of blood circulation pathologies which result in the reddening of certain patches of the skin. The same term is used to describe the visible spider veins and star-shaped patches which form when tiny vessels and vascular stains flare up.

Most often, couperosis appears in those with light, sensitive skin, which is easily affected by external factors, such as cold, heat, harsh sunlight, variations in temperature, spicy or hot foods, alcohol, smoking, and stress. Over time, the enlargement of the vessels (telangiectasia) in the form of ‘spider veins’ becomes can become a permanent fixture on the face.

Cosmetic options for treating couperosis:

  • Electrocoagulation
  • Phototherapy
  • ReGen RF treatment
  • Various kinds of massages (traditional massage, cryomassage, vacuum methods)
  • Cosmetic procedures and home care regimens using special cosmetic products


Rosacea (rosacea acne) is a widespread dermatological skin condition that initially appears as persistent patches of redness, and later as different kinds of skin eruptions, including papules and pustules. Without the necessary treatment, rosacea can lead to inflammation of the eyes (ocular rosacea), nose (rhinophyma), etc.

The main cause of rosacea has not yet been fully established. The most commonly suggested causes are genetics and increased sensitivity of the face’s blood vessels.

Contributing factors may include: conditions in the digestive and endocrine systems (diabetes, menopause, damage to the ovaries, etc.), distress to the immune system, overconsumption of spicy food and alcohol, excessive exposure to UV rays, exposure to mites of the genus Demodex (which live on the skin of the face), and improper cosmetic care regimens.

Rosacea often appears in women when they reach menopause, but the condition can affect both men and women, usually from ages 30-50.

We view rosacea as both a dermatological and cosmetic problem and therefore offer a comprehensive treatment approach. The use of medicines to resolve internal problems, including vascular issues, as well as the application of our best surface treatment technologies, offers a powerful compounded effect. In addition, treatment incorporates phototherapeutic action directed at both the blood vessels and, the underlying pathogens.

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