Double chin

doublechinThe appearance of a double chin is not always connected to excess weight; in some cases, it is a constitutional peculiarity of the person’s body, though it may have other causes:

  • Improper head position during sleep, incorrect posture, regularly reading while lying down, sleeping with elevated pillows or sitting with the head tilted downwards.
  • Age-related changes.
  • Drastic fluctuations in weight.

The most radical treatment for a double chin is surgical liposuction, and until recently, it was unmatched by any other cosmetic procedure. Unfortunately, most of the machine-based correction methods currently on the market do not generate a significant effect.

The only exception is the revolutionary iLipo technology, which effectively deals with fat deposits in the chin area without surgical intervention or side effects. iLipo offers visible results immediately after the first procedure.

Amongst injection methods, it is worth noting mesotherapy, in which homeopathic preparations are inserted under the skin, where they gradually break down fat cells. This method is effective in patients with small deposits of fat in the chin area. The unique Aqualyx ® injection method is capable of selectively and gradually decreasing prominent masses of fat that have deposited in the neck and chin region.

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