Hand care

Rejuvenation of the back of the hand

We all know that our hands can give away our age, so cosmetologists recommend starting a care regimen for them as early as possible.

Worsening condition and premature ageing of the hands can be caused by regular tanning, regular exposure to harsh winds, temperature changes, consistent use of corrosive cleaning products, and improper selection and use of cosmetics.

Rejuvenation methods for the skin of the hands:

  • Skin polish or peel. This method produces visible aesthetic effects on dry, limp, wrinkled, and pigmented skin.
  • Chemical peels. This treatment removes dead skin cells and promotes the formation of new cells. The skin becomes tighter and more elastic. Its tone evens out, and small defects and wrinkles disappear.
  • Sandblast microdermabrasion. A vacuum is used to blast the skin with aluminum oxide crystals, which rid the skin of patches, pigmentation, and wrinkles and improve the condition of scars.
  • Mesotherapy. These homeo- and heteropathic preparations are inserted under the skin in small doses. This improves the skin’s metabolic processes, smoothes out wrinkles, and improves the firmness and general condition of the skin.
  • The UMO Hand Spa Machine offers three types of multi-action programs—whitening, restoring, and rejuvenating. Each program consists of three stages: cleaning, application of the program’s activating agent, and micromassage.
  • Oxygen peel using the JetPeel machine. The machine’s nozzles create a reactive diphase supersonic jet stream, which removes the keratinous layers of the epidermis and infuses the tissues with oxygen. This strengthens the skin’s metabolic processes, causing new cells to quickly regenerate which creates a smoother surface.
  • Skin biorevitalization. Hyaluronic acid gel injections provide the skin with continued hydration, restore tissue tone and fullness and improve cell nutrition.

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