Body massage

massageThe practice of massage brings together mechanical and reflex techniques, including the application of rubbing motions, pressure, and vibration to tissues and organs. These methods are applied directly to the patient’s body either manually or via a machine that delivers air, water, etc.

Massage acts simultaneously on the physical and emotional levels. It heals the body and the soul to rejuvenate a person’s fundamental sources of vital power.


  • improves metabolism, which enables weight loss
  • accelerates lymph flow – organs and tissues throughout the entire body remove waste products and receive nutrients from oxygen more quickly
  • helps fight cellulite, eliminates intercellular fluid
  • helps reduce swelling and improve skin firmness
  • improves facial coloration, creates a light, youthful feeling

Types of massages:

Healing massage

Intended to accelerate the recovery of a patient’s organs and body systems following illness or trauma.

Lymph drainage massage

Stimulates the natural movement of lymphatic fluid throughout the body. Can be used alone or in combination with other methods for treating puffiness, varicose veins, cellulite, or excess weight (this massage produces excellent results when used in conjunction with many weight loss techniques).

Lomi-Lomi Nui

One of the oldest types of massage in existence, Lomi-Lomi Nui was an indispensable part of healthful practice in the ancient world, which included prayer, cleansing, breathing, and working with energy. The main advantage of the Lomi-Lomi technique is that it restores the body on the physical, emotional, and spiritual levels.

Anatomy trains

Anatomy trains refer to Tom Myers’s revolutionary discovery of the myofascial meridians (the symmetrical lines running down both halves of the body). The foundation of the methodology is a structure of stretched ribbons and bone spacers, which together are responsible for healthy movement and posture, as well as for the various kinds of pain and functional impairments that occur because of distortions to the body’s biomechanics.

Outstanding massage therapists

Our centre employs a team of extraordinary massage therapists, whom nature has endowed with uniquely sensitive tactile perception in exchange for the loss of their powers of sight.
The laws of physiology dictate that an individual who has lost his or her sense of sight will be compensated with an enhanced sense of touch. This sense becomes so developed that the hands become a highly perceptive instrument. Our masseuses are beloved and trusted for their ability to feel out muscle firmness, skin elasticity, connective tissue density, changes in the periostea, and symmetry and balance in the skeleton. After making a precise appraisal, our masseuses use the gift of touch to offer patients uniquely effective healing massages.

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