Injection methods

Injection methodsInjection methods work via the principle of applying medical and corrective preparations using subdermal injections. They are the fastest and most dependable rejuvenation methods available today, allowing patients to achieve the results they want without having to turn to plastic surgery.

Mechanism of Action

Unlike creams or plastic surgery, which address only surface skin problems, injection methods work from the inside out. Injections insert microelements which cannot be produced independently by the body into the deeper layers of the skin.


It is best to begin injections at the first signs of expression lines and then repeat the treatment regularly thereafter. The older the skin becomes, the more difficult it is to restore its structure. But injection methods can be effective at any stage, since they are capable of significantly improving the skin’s condition by ‘saturating’ it with moisture.

The main advantage of injection methods is that they are natural preparations and are therefore safe for the skin. They offer fast, tangible results, a short recovery period, cumulative effects with each procedure, and, in most cases, a comparable alternative to surgical intervention.

Injection methods offered at our cosmetology centers:

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