Ellanse fillers (Aqtis Medical BV, The Netherlands) are a revolution in contouring technology!
They act simultaneously as a volumizer and a stimulator of new collagen production, and they create a longer-lasting impact than hyaluronic-acid-based fillers.


  • Filling in deep wrinkles and skin depressions
  • Facial contour correction
  • Volumization of tissues (restoration of soft tissue volume)
  • Skin bioreinforcement (stimulation of new collagen production)
  • Backs of the hands

Ellanse implants are recommended for patients who are experiencing accelerated filler degradation when using fillers with a hyaluronic acid base.

The available fillers from Ellanse differ in the length of their effectiveness:

  • S – 10-12 months
  • M – 18-20 months
  • L – 30-32 months
  • E – 46-48 months

The administration of Ellanse can be combined with various physiotherapeutic methods (photorejuvenation, RF-lifting, after-care procedures (massage), microcurrent treatments, etc.), as well as different methods of hyaluronic acid administration (fillers, biorevitalization, bioreinforcement). Usually, the interval between Ellanse administrations is 2-4 weeks.

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