Yvoire (LG Life Sciences, South Korea)

yvoireYvoire’s products are the culmination of many years of development and many millions of dollars of investment, and they have rightly been named fifth-generation fillers. They combine the elasticity of a diphase filler with the fluidity of a monophase filler, which gives the preparation a high level of stability and resilience. Its highly molecular hyaluronic acid, laced laterally using BDDE ethers, guarantees a more extended aesthetic effect.

  • Yvoire Hydro acts as a biorevitalizing agent that treats fine surface wrinkles, skin flaccidity and dryness, and photodamage, and can be used in preparation for plastic surgery operations.
  • Yvoire Classic is a classic filler used to restore lost volume: frown lines, nasolabial and eyelid furrows, nasolabial creases, smile lines, lip volume and contours, reinforcement, the back of the hands, neck and upper torso region.
  • Yvoire Volume is a more compact lineal filler that offers an extended volumizing effect: facial contours, cheekbone furrows, cheeks, cheekbones, nasolabial creases, deep smile lines, earlobes, intimate zones.

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