Manicure and pedicure services


ManicureManicures include a soak for the hands and fingernails, nail and cuticle shaping, nail buffing, a hand massage, and the application of regular or gel polish.

Classic manicure

A classic manicure (with cuticle trim) is defined by its use of traditional instruments—the cuticles are trimmed with special clippers or scissors.

European manicure

A European manicure (without cuticle trim) is performed with a small orange manicure stick. The cuticles are not cut; instead they are pushed back, and only the small membrane that connects the finger to the fingernail is removed. This type of manicure is considered to be gentler and offer a lower risk of infection.

Electric manicure

An electric manicure is a variation on the European (dry) method that uses a special manicure machine with attachments for sanding and polishing the nails.

Combination manicure

A combination manicure brings together various different cuticle treatment and nail care methods. This allows the client to choose her preferred methods to achieve the exact results she wants to see.
Manicures for men do not in theory differ from those for women—the procedure itself is the same. However, the process does take more time when performed on men, as they have thicker, more compact nail beds, larger nails, and more crude cuticles.
The key elements of a men’s manicure are treating the cuticles, shaping and polishing the nail, and if desired, polishing the nail with a clear, matte lacquer.

At our centre, manicures and pedicures are performed by an experienced specialist with a degree in fine arts. Our manicurist often incorporates custom, hand-painted designs into her work.


PedicurePedicures include nail shaping, removal or smoothing out of calluses, moisturizing and softening the soles of the feet using chemical peel techniques, foot massage, toenail care and polishing, reflexotherapy, paraffin treatment, hair removal, and an exfoliating scrub.

We offer classic (with cuticle trim), European, electric, and men’s pedicures.

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