wrapWrapping is a cosmetological procedure in which a special formula consisting of natural components is applied to specific areas of the body with the goal of producing a holistic, beneficial effect on the skin, subcutaneous fat cells, muscles, and body as a whole.
The wrap cleanses and moisturizes the skin and saturates the body with microelements. This produces a powerful lymph drainage effect, speeds up nutrient exchange, and stimulates blood microcirculation.
In a wrap, heat and cold are applied either throughout the entire body or locally. At our centre, we prefer the following manufacturers:

STYX Naturcosmetic

STYXSTYX Naturcosmetic is an Austrian firm that produces cosmetics with an essential oil foundation.

All their products are in line with the principles of naturopathy, and they employ only nature’s raw materials, all of which have been tested to ensure they have not been treated with pesticides or other harmful additives.

  • detoxifying seaweed wraps
  • seaweed wrap with cold Dead Sea salt
  • ice-cold lotion wrap
  • Cello-Gel anti-cellulite gel for dry wraps
  • Cello-Gel Medium contouring anti-cellulite gel


AlgologieAlgologie wraps – This French company produces highly effective professional preparations made from sea water, micronized algae, marine clay, plant extracts, and the innovative Algo3 complex.
Algologie wraps are used in figure correction, treatment of cellulite, restoration of skin firmness, improvement of microcirculation, stress reduction, recovery after physical exertion, skin invigoration, and pain relief in cases of join diseases, degenerative disk disease, etc.

  • basic stimulating wrap – marine algae- and clay-based powder
  • powder wrap made from seaweed and sea clay
  • exclusive ‘Grape Wonder’ SPA body package
  • exclusive ‘Chocolate Heaven’ SPA body package
  • algae mineral mask (algae wrap)
  • ‘green tea’ wrap
  • rockweed anti-cellulite wrap
  • liquid wrap with algae and samphire
  • herb-based gel mask for wrapping


AlgothermAlgotherm is a French manufacturer of cosmetics used in SPA procedures. The company’s products have a base foundation of rare algae extracts, essential oils, caffeine, and plant components.
Emerald anticellulite wrap
This is one of the best ways to care for the skin on your body! Its composition includes Laminaira algae, ivy extract, and caffeine. It has fantastic lipolytic, anti-cellulite, and soft detoxifying effects. This wrap can be used as part of figure correction and skin toning programmes, and it is recommended after intense tanning.

Ericson Laboratoire

Ericson LaboratoireWraps from Ericson Laboratoire (France) – these wraps incorporate progressive technologies and biocomplexes with a directional effect, as well as traditional photo- and aroma- vitamin therapies, with the goal of producing a simultaneous effect on the key mechanisms that cause various aesthetic issues.

  • Cellulit VIB is an alternative ultrasound anti-cellulite therapy; VIB can tackle even the most difficult cellulite deposits.
  • Insulinol Cellulit-Diet. This preparation presents a multi-pronged approach in the fight against cellulite (including against fibrotic cellulite) and localized fat deposits that appear in problem areas such as the stomach region, hips, and buttocks, including ‘saddlebags’, etc.
  • DHE-Age is an intense anti-glycation rejuvenation programme
    It is used to fight against signs of ageing, including those caused by hormonal ageing.
    Diosgenin provides the foundation for the programme—this is the plant analogue to the DHEA ‘molecule of youth’, which is an indicator of a person’s biological age and impacts his or her skin quality. Infusing the skin with plant-based diosgenin restores its level of DHEA, in turn correcting existing signs of ageing and preventing the appearance of new ones.
  • Lipo-Stress is the latest programme from Ericson Laboratoire—this line of neuroactive cosmeceutics is for figure correction and the treatment of cellulite and unwanted fat deposits. The wrap not only removes excess inches from your waist, but also suppresses your cravings for sugary foods.
  • The ‘Ideal Silhouette’ professional programme is a unique SPA procedure that fights against excess fat deposits, eliminates cellulite, increases skin firmness, and strengthens blood vessel walls.
  • osmoOSMO-THERMY is a salt wrap with a base made from naturally occurring salt found in the town of Guérande in western France. It is used to combat cellulite and aid in weight loss and body cleansing.
    This complex, intense treatment programme incorporates macro- and microelements, which help restore an optimal balance of minerals in the skin and cleanse it of toxins and the by-products of metabolic processes. OSMO-THERMY is also an effective means of fighting against cellulite and unwanted fat deposits, as it includes several components that possess powerful lipolytic, antifibrotic, and drainage capabilities.

    During the course of the procedure, active elements enter the skin through the cells of the epidermis (via transmembrane transport) and through the hair follicles and ducts of the sebaceous and sweat glands. The treatment includes three different Guérande salt wraps:


DIBI, OLOS, Thalmer and Thermae SPA

dibiolosThis set of natural, medicinal, elite SPA cosmetics for the face and body comes from Italian manufacturer GTS GroupS.p.A. (ALFAPARF GROUP).

The products are of the highest quality and offer wondrous effects; they have undergone rigorous clinical testing and were developed as innovative solutions to some of the most complex skin issues.

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